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The House Floor is an up-and-coming Brooklyn based four-piece with one of the more interesting and complex songwriting styles I’ve heard in a while.  Stemming from Blacksburg, Virginia where all but one member attended Virginia Tech, the band packed up and moved after graduation and found their home amidst Brooklyn’s finest. Their music is unique both lyrically and instrumentally, with each respective member providing a certain insight and intricacy. Specifically, the content that Alex Tschan’s lyrics explore is deeply personal and highly inquisitive of the daunting principles of human nature from the banalities of everyday to the uncertainties of the future. Some tracks to check out include “Christian Friends,” “All Aboard / MLWR(LOL!),” and “Play Doctor.”

I’ve spent some time with them, both interviewing and filming a performance of a song called “Christian Friends.” Here’s a little preview of the soon-to-come video.

Shot by Michael James Murray

Audio mixed/mastered by Andrew Maury

Music by The House Floor


Music written, performed, engineered and mixed by Daniel Harris Levine.

Color Chart
Director: Edward Shore
DP: Tamir Kalifa
Additional Support: James Longmire and Tristan Love


“LO-JO” is a story about the ultimate gummy bear nightmare.


Featuring original music by Edward Shore and Ariel Pink. Shot on location in Prague, CZ.



Last night in Philadelphia, Vampire Weekend graced the stage at The Electric Factory, playing to a sold-out, Friday night crowd. Currently touring in support of their latest album, Contra, the show was what I expected: super-fun, loud, and thousands of screaming teenie-boppers.  That’s not to say there wasn’t a fair amount of adults there either. From thirteen to thirty-five, all were mouthing Ezra Koenig’s lyrics and dancing along.

On a side note, I was kind of surprised that my friend Colin and I were the only two photographers in the pit. I thought Vampire Weekend would attract more of the local Philly photographers/publications, but I suppose others were at the Major Lazer show, opting for an assumed more intense dance party.

Words and Photos by Michael James Murray

Also check out my The Pistola for more photos.


An acid trip inspired walk in the park starring David Bowie. This stop motion animation, back to the basics. Only hand-cut paper and a camera.

Directed by Will Kresch


An interesting animated video from director Lauri Faggioni for Monsters of Folk song “Dear God.” The video is essentially a two-shot with one transition around the 2:30 mark, and both shots invoke feelings of anxiety and a curious anticipation from her use of a super slow zoom through layers and layers of texture.

Below are the “Dear God” lyrics, so, maybe you can try to assemble some other meaning from the audio/visual juxtaposition. Some Monsters of Folk photos can be found here from their show at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.

Dear god, I’m trying hard to reach you
Dear god, I see your face in all I do
Sometimes it’s so hard to believe in
Good god I know you have your reasons

Dear god I see you move the mountains
Dear god I see you moving trees
Sometimes it’s nothing to believe in
Sometimes it’s everything I see

Well I’ve been thinking about,
And I’ve been breaking it down without an answer
I know I’m thinking aloud but if your loves
Still around why do we suffer?
Why do we suffer?

Dear god, I wish that I could touch you
How strange sometimes I feel I almost do
And then I’m back behind the glass again
Oh god what keeps you out it keeps me in

Well I’ve been thinking about,
And I’ve been breaking down without an answer
I know I’m thinking aloud but if your loves
Still around why do we suffer?
Why do we suffer?