Mostly Bears – Leda Atomica

Three dudes from the Arizona desert came together to make music in a garage in the middle of nowhere. The result: Mostly Bears.

This video is a live version of “Leda Atomica”, the second song off their album The Ed Mitchell Clinic. They rarely ever play this song live but when they do, they throw a cover of Tommy James and the Shondells song “I Think We’re Alone Now” in the middle. They pull it off flawlessly. “Our drummer had heard the old song and thought it was amazing. I knew it as the Tiffany version but really took a liking to the 60’s Tommy James version….It was fun putting it in the middle of “Leda Atomica”–just threw it right in the middle before that problematic bridge section came up” said the lead singer Brian Lopez.

Check out the original version on their Myspace page.

They’ve begun to dabble into some other covers too. Brian gave us some news about them. “We are recording a Live Album and on New Years we debuted covers of “Bus Stop” a 60’s PsychPop song by The Hollies as well as Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good.“….The original Winehouse song has loads of horns–we can’t do that shit, but we can make that song sound creepy as hell…and that’s what we did. You might be able to hear these tracks after we mix and master them–if we like them enough to present to the public”. Lets hope we all get a chance to hear these covers some day.

The Calcutta had the opportunity the other day to chat with the members of the band. That interview will be up very soon so make sure you come back and hang out.


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