Mostly Bears Interview Part Two


Brian Lopez, Nick Wantland, Geoff Hidalgo

Side Note Section

Would you rather watch the movie or read the book?

Brian Lopez (Guitar/Lead Vocals): Read the book (especially if it’s a pop-up book).
Geoff Hidalgo(Bass/Vocals): Depends on the movie and the book.
Nick Wantland(Drums):
The movie. I only like to read books about aliens.

Would you rather be Batman or Spiderman?

BL: I would rather be Danny Glover.
GH: Batman.

Did you guys go to college?

BL: I have a degree from the University of Arizona in Music and minors in Spanish and Business—I still cant believe I finished that shit.
NW: I didn’t find it comfortable.
GH: For 2.5 semesters.

Where did you record The Ed Mitchell Clinic?

GH: Upstairs Studio in Tucson, AZ

What is your favorite song to play live?

NW: “Digital Divide” is very fun. And “Your Smile Decorates the Afternoon” is one we always get down on.
GH:Your Smile Decorates the Afternoon” and “Silhouette Stain.”
BL: I like soundcheck noises before shows (ie. “Check 1,2..1,2,3..chek. check. Czech. Chicky.chuck.chucky-cheese, 1,2,3,4”)

Whose smile decorates the afternoon?

BL: Ask Geoff.
GH: Yours.

Have you ever saved anyone lifeguarding?

BL: Yup. I’ve done a lot of rescues in the water. Nothing too crazy. One time this swim team kid, who was asthmatic, almost died on me. He had passed out on the deck during swim team practice and none of the coaches saw him. It looked like he was just taking a break– was laying stomach down on the deck. I had noticed this from about 50 yards away so I walked over to where he was and asked if he was okay. When I got to him, I noticed his eyes were flipped over and his breathes were real short. It was fucking scary. I called the paramedics and ran to get his inhaler. The coach told me, “Oh, he’s fine. This happens all the time.” I was like, “Fuck you. This kid almost died and you didn’t even notice.” The boy ended up surviving but I think he had to quit swim team—I was glad too, the thought of him in the water again freaked me out.

Has assisting a beekeeper had a profound influence on your music?

GH: Not Really…
BL: One time Geoff got stung on his knee while working with the bees and his knee
swelled up to the size of a basketball—no exaggeration! We had a show that night too
and he couldn’t really move while onstage—just stayed in one spot and had to maintain
composure. It was hilarious.

What are your plans for 2009?

BL: We have a lot of shit lined up. We are in the process of recording a live album right now—should be done soon. We are working on the new album–which will hopefully be done by the fall. We’ll tour relentlessly after that, I’m sure. And we have a million other little surprises that we cant tell you about just yet.

Merch booth 101 with Brian Lopez

Five Top 5

Top 5 influences.

BL: 1)The Beatles 2) Radiohead 3)Heitor Villa-Lobos 4) Isaac Albeniz 5) Bob Dylan.
NW: HISTORICALLY- 1)Blood Brothers 2) The Kite-Eating Tree 3) At The Drive-In 4) Bear Vs. Shark 5) old Modest Mouse. These are the bands that somehow shaped my drumming style. CURRENTLY- Cat Power & David Bowie. These are the CDs that have been in my minivan for many months.

Top 5 non-musical activities
BL: 1)Swim 2)hang out with my friends 3) practice Spanish 4) travel 5) stalking on facebook.
NW: I’m currently trying to fill a glass jar entirely with sand rubies.

Top 5 shows you’ve gone to

BL: 1)Of Montreal at Club Congress ’06, 2) Radiohead in Belfast, Ireland ’03, 3) The Mars Volta in Hamburg, GE ’05, 4) Mototonix  at CMJ ’08,  5) Dave Chapelle in “06.

Top 5 things you hate

BL: 1) losing my voice before a show. 2) Green Olives 3) when people ask me, “have you ever heard of Minus the Bear?” 4) money 5) puberty

Top 5 awesome moments

BL: 1) getting MVP award at Lute Olson Basketball camp in ‘95 2) getting my first royalties check in the mail for 2 dollars 3) first time I pissed in the “big boy” urinal 4) Living in Europe 5) graduating from college

The Last….

Last time you thought you were going to die

BL: Well, I know for a fact that, eventually, I will die—and I probably think about this fact a few times a day.
GH: I’ve never had a strong feeling that I was going to die.
NW: At the Monotonix show – CMJ ’08

Last time you had a dance party

BL: A couple years ago, unfortunately.
GH: Too long.
NW: I have two left feet, if you know what I mean!
BL: I remember Nick dancing it up with his 2 left feet at SXSW. It was badass. So chalk nick down for March ‘08

Last dream you had

I was being chased by a gorilla into the forest.
NW: My dad dying at a cowboy theme park called “Old Tucson

Last time you felt out of place

BL: Anytime I’m not on stage or in a studio, or on tour, I am awkward. And it’s only getting worse.
Happens too often.

Last poster you put on your wall

BL: I put a letter from my sister on the wall.
GH: Holy Rolling Empire.

Last place you played a show

BL: Plush in Tucson

Last board game you played

BL: I dunno…does “Connect 4” count?
NW: I just got an entire chest full of games. Checkers is the frontrunner.
GH: Risk.

Last time you got ripped off

BL: Last year I bought speakers that weren’t worth shit. I was so pissed.
NW: Last year, I sold some loser a broken pair of speakers. They weren’t worth shit. I’m sure he was pissed about it.
GH: On tour, a New York parking garage attendant stole my iPod.

Last time you played a team sport

BL: I played a mean-ass game of volleyball about a week ago.
GH: A few years
NW: Sports??? Hate sports.

Last time you said, “This is stupid.”

BL: The other day I couldn’t find the can opener so, for about 20 seconds, I tried to pierce my teeth through a can of delicious salsa. Unable to get my fangs through the metal exterior, I said, “This is stupid,” and stopped. 5 seconds later I was at it again…


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