Marco Benevento Interview Part Two

Marco Benevento - photo by Michael DiDonna

Marco Benevento - photo by Michael DiDonna

Marco Benevento: But uh, anyway…

Mike: Alright so our next two sections are more quick type of answers.

MB: Sure.

Mike: Quick questions, quick answers, so you know, you just spit what’s going on off the top of your head.

MB: Okay.

Mike: So this is called the Side Note Section, you know, you can see what we mean once we post the interview.

MB: Hold on. (Talks to daughter) I can put you on speakerphone hold on. Okay, what’s the question?

Mike: Okay, what was your favorite cartoon show growing up?

MB: Uh, Inspector Gadget.

Mike: Inspector Gadget, awesome. Did that have a profound influence on your music?

MB: (Laughs) Yes!

Colin: What about comic books? Did you have any favorites?

MB: I never owned one comic book but I love Spiderman. He’s my favorite superhero.

Colin: Nice.
Mike: You read any good books lately?

MB: Yes.

Mike: Can you share?

MB: Um, it’s called “Incredibly Strange Music Volume 1” and “Volume 2”. Two books. Yo Gaba Gaba is also a huge influence on me.

Mike: Yo Gaba Gaba? (Laughs)
Colin: (Laughs)

MB: (Talks to daughter)
MB: Sorry we’re painting our apartment I’m a little high.

Mike: That’s fine, me too.

MB: From the paint.

Mike: Of course.
Colin: Alright, if you were trapped on a tropical island and could only bring three items, what would you bring?

MB: Um…Ruby(his daughter), My wife, and some avocados.

Marco - photo by Dino Perrucci

Marco - photo by Dino Perrucci

Mike: (Laughs)
Colin: (Laughs) Good answer.
Mike: Alright. We’re going to go onto a section called The Last…

MB: The what?

Mike: It’s called The Last.
Colin: You’ll see what we mean when we ask the questions.
Mike: Alright so the first question is: Last person you played music with?

MB: Oh, the last. Last person I played music with was.. What’s today, Thursday?

Mike: Friday.

MB: Today’s Friday?

Mike: Yeah.

MB: Last person I played music with was my wife.

Mike: Awesome.
Colin: Nice. What’s the last website you visited?

MB: Um…the keyboardist for, his name is Richard Barbieri. I just heard about him today, he’s a keyboardist for Porcupine Tree and he’s also in a band called Japan.

Colin: Nice.
Mike: That’s tight.

MB: This guy was telling me about him today, I did another interview today, and he was like this guy sounds like you. He was like he lives in the UK and he just plays analog keyboards and anyway. I was like, “Oh cool, parallel universe.” (Laughs)

Mike: He’s from Japan? No, he’s from the UK you said.

MB: He’s from the UK, yeah.

Mike: Right on.  When’s the last time you woke up and did not know where you were?

MB: (Laughs)The last Duo tour.

Mike: The last Duo tour? (Laughs)

MB: I don’t know, one of those Duo tours like in 2006.  I woke up in North Carolina and I was like, “Oh, I’m in Vermont, right?” We just did a gig in Vermont and then I was like, “Oh, I’m in North Carolina.” (Laughs)

Mike: (Laughs)
Colin: Shit. (Laughs) When was the last time you were confused?

MB: Ummm, this afternoon!

Colin: Nice.
Mike: When’s the last time you felt patriotic?

MB: (Laughs) What was that day, Tuesday(Inauguration day)?

Mike: (Laughs)

MB: Yeah.

Mike: Alright.
Colin: Good day. Last time you envied someone.

MB: Last time I envied someone? Uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh, two days ago. (Laughs)

Mike: What is the last song you played? Whether it was one of your songs or a song you listened to.

MB: Oh ummmm, it was a song. I have these series of things I make called “Toy Parties.” So it was a toy party. I’m up to maybe toy party 13 now.

Mike: Very cool. What is the last thing that changed your life?

MB: The Simpsons.

Colin: Last time you were star struck?

MB: Jam Cruise.

Marco - photo by Michael Benevento

Marco - photo by Michael Benevento

Mike: And we’re down to the last section.  It’s called 5 Top Fives.

MB: Uh huh.

Mike: Okay what is your top 5 covers to play live?

MB: Uh, Golden, Seems So Long Ago Nancy, Paranoid Android..

Mike Yes

MB: Uh, She’s Not There, and Nobody Does It Better

Colin: Sweet. Top 5 people in the media. If you have a top 5.

MB: Stephen Colbert. Is he in the media?

Mike: Yeah he counts.

MB: Who count’s as media I guess its sort of big thing right?

Colin: Yeah.

MB: I don’t know, that’s all I got.

Colin: Alright.
Mike: Respectfully pass. Alright. Top 5 venues you’ve played in.

MB: The Boulder Theater, Yoshi’s in Oakland, Triple Door in Seattle, Bar 4 in Brooklyn, and Webster Hall in Manhattan.

Mike: Right on
Colin: Nice. Top 5 places you’ve traveled to.

MB: Hmm, I’ll just have to say Italy. It was one of ‘em. All of Italy.

Mike: All of Italy?

MB: Yeah.

Mike: That’s fair. Alright and last question coming in. Top 5 things to do before a show.

MB: Um…pee.

Mike: (Laughs)
Colin: (Laughs)

MB: Have a whiskey, and um…hold hands, and smile.

Mike: Smile.
Colin: Awesome.
Mike: Awesome. Alright Marco, thank you very much for helping us out we appreciate it. We appreciate your time.
Colin: It’s been a pleasure.

MB: No problem.


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