RAC(Remix Artist Collective) Interview Part Two

Side Note Section

Would you rather get pecked to death by vultures or devoured by piranhas?

Andrew: Vultures. At least that way I’m not ALSO drowning. Or was I scubadiving with a tank, and I have air? I feel like Dwight Schrute now.
André: Piranhas, because at least I would be drowning and that would take my mind off of being devoured.

RAC(Remix Artist Collective)

RAC(Remix Artist Collective)

What has been the most unusual remix request?

Andrew: Not unusual per say, but I was damn flattered when Epic Records asked me to remix this new Australian pop artist, Lenka.
André: Well, after I did a mix, a band asked me if I would be willing to allow them to make my remix their main version. It’s kinda cool, but kinda weird. It turns out the project was still very much in it’s early stages, but still ..

Do you have a hidden talent?

Andrew: I can solve a rubik’s cube in 2 minutes.
André: I can dislocate my thumbs and put them back without any pain.

What is your favorite piece of musical technology that you own?

Andrew: My B.L.U.E. Dragonfly microphone. I kiss it goodnight sometimes. More practically, Logic 8 probably. Its the hub of my mixing. I’ve come to really love it and all of its plugins.
André: Right now, probably my Fender Rhodes 54. It alternates though.. I’ve grown very fond of my 73′ MiniKorg 700
Andrew: I really like my new tambourine, actually.

Any musical prospects you would recommend to others?

Andrew: Miami Horror has a sweet 5-track EP out now. Check that.
André: Where to begin? The new Brazilian Girls, CFCF, Coconut Records, anything by Cornelius, Esau Mwamwaya… there are too many.

André of Rac - Photo courtesy of RAC

André of Rac - Photo courtesy of RAC

The Last….

Last time you sent a letter (not an email).

Andrew: Thank-you to Grandma for $50 at Christmas.
André: Wedding thank you cards…

Last show you went to and you left in awe.

Andrew: Bear Hands. They are really great live. I can’t not mention that Ra Ra Riot is freaking incredible too. I’ve now seen probably 65 shows as their sound man, but its always, always fun to watch.
André: So Many Dynamos. Last week…

Last pair of shoes you wore.

Andrew: My hi-top Vans. Navy blue body, black trim, white stripe.
André: Diesel Frequency .. Black.

Last time you packed up and moved.

Andrew: From NYC to a suitcase to go on tour with Ra Ra Riot, haha.
André: I had to move two months ago. It sucked.

Last remix you put together.

Andrew: Lenka – Trouble Is A Friend (RAC Maury Mix)
André: Meiko – Boys With Girlfriends (RAC Mix)

Last country you visited.

Andrew: Baja Mexico, post-college graduation trip.
André: France. I love Paris.

Last time you listened to the radio.

Andrew: I think it was back around the election. I was driving with no iPod or CDs and decided to try and find a right-wing talk radio station for amusement.
André: I did an interview with this radio station and I said something like “Radio is dead” and didn’t even think about it. The interview was undoubtedly short. I listened to it several times after that…
Andrew: Slick.

Andrew of RAC - Photo courtesy of RAC

Andrew of RAC - Photo courtesy of RAC

Five Top 5s

Top 5 favorite artists.

Andrew: Hard to say, but Death Cab For Cutie, Interpol, Radiohead, Pete Yorn and The Strokes are up there.
André: M83, Cornelius, Radiohead, Van She and yes, Third Eye Blind!

Top 5 favorite places in the world.

Andrew: London, New York City, Seattle, Amsterdam, and the nearest Chipotle Mexican Grill.
André: Seriously, Andrew would live in a Chipotle if he could.
Andrew: I would accept paychecks in gift cards probably.

Top 5 RAC remixes.

Sixties Remake – Tokyo Police Club
Hunting For Witches – Bloc Party
Each Year – Ra Ra Riot
Bear Hands – Long Lean Queen
Radiohead – Nude
The Shins – Sleeping Lessons
Mario, Zelda & Sonic
The Black Ghosts
Andrew’s new Lenka mix
Coconut Records

Top 5 remixes of all time.

Andrew: Again, not very on top of what’s out there. I can only think of 2 that i really know and like a lot: The Faint’s remix of “Y-Control” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and MSTRKRFT’s remix of “2 More Years” by Bloc Party.
André: Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix)
M.I.A. – Paper Planes (DFA Remix)
M.I.A. – Boyz (The Twelves Remix)
Metronomy – A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix)
Anything by Fred Falke
This is pretty recent stuff, but it’s what I could think of right now.

Top 5 things you love to do.

Andrew: Discover a new awesome album
Go to a concert that impresses me
Create an original piece of media
Coffee in the morning
Fancy beer at night
André: Drink regular Gin and pretend it’s Victory Gin.
Remixing (I know this is obvious, but I really do love doing it)
Playstation 3
Go to the theater and eat a bag of Sour Patch Kids.
Road trips.


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